How can Flexi Desking help your business? What is Flex Desking?

How can Flexi Desking help your business? What is Flex Desking?

It is important to note that flex desks and flex desking are different from flexible and adjustable standing office desks. Hybrid working, blended working, and flexible working have also gained popularity over the past two years. Despite some similarities, all of these terms have very different meanings. Here’s an overview of flex desking.

Flex desks: what are they?

It is also known as hot desking or flex desks. ‘Flex desks’ and ‘hot desks’ are types of desks that are part of an office or can be found in a specific area. No one in the office is assigned to these flex desks. Everyone in the office may use these free desks.

With flex desks, employees are able to move around the office and utilize free office space throughout the day. The desks are left unassigned, which allows hybrid working to occur. Hybrid working – what is it? Employees can work from home and onsite when their company offers hybrid working. Choosing where to work is up to the employee.

Due to the increasing number of companies requiring their employees to work from home, flexible desking has become more popular in recent years. In the early 1990s, offices were empty as more and more employees worked from home. The companies discovered that employees didn’t want to come to work every day once they returned to work. Mixing was preferred by employees. They noticed that employees brought their laptops into the office and out of it. As a result, assigned desks were no longer necessary. A flex desk was created as a result of this. As a result, all employees have the option of booking the desk.

Besides the advantages we mentioned above, flexdesking has some other important benefits as well.

What are the steps to flexing a desk?

Having understood what a flex desk is, let’s learn how to use one.

Spaces for Desks

To allocate flex desks, you must first choose desk spaces for them. Numbering these desks will simplify the process. Once all flex desks have been chosen, you can start.

Choosing between a software solution (recommended) and a method

A software solution for managing flex desks can simplify the process even further. It is common to refer to these solutions as ‘desk booking systems’. Ronspot, for example, makes managing your desks easy. Your employees can book a flex desk in real-time with Ronspot, using the app.

Employees can also make bookings by hand using a manual system, such as pen and paper. Employees could track their desks with an excel sheet.

A desk space may also be available if employees arrive on the day and take it. This could lead to a lack of desk spaces on the day, however. Additionally, if all desks are in use, social distance will be more difficult – unless they have already been properly distanced. As a result, we recommend using desk booking systems on their own.

Employee Onboarding

Your employees need to be onboarded next. As a result, they will be aware of how flex desks will work in the future.

Onboarding can be done quite quickly if you use a solution like Ronspot. A map of your office will be available to your employees through the Ronspot app. A Ronspot app will then be used by employees to make bookings. They can manage their bookings using the app.

Additionally, Ronspot can provide complete training for employees and admins, so all users understand how the system works.

Alternatively, you can use an Excel sheet or manual system, but you will need to train employees in how to use it. A desk booking process can be initiated once employees have been onboarded.


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