Gta san andreas side mission rewards

Gta san andreas side mission rewards

Gta san andreas side mission rewards As quickly as CJ receives to Los Santos, a few police officers named Tenpenny, Pulaski, and Hernández (who I`ll name C.R.A.S.H from now on) forestall CJ, stealing his cash and leaving him withinside the Ballas territory.

Now, you`ll must get for your first undertaking in Grove Street. This first element isn`t taken into consideration a undertaking as you’re unfastened to discover as a good deal as you need.

1. Big Smoke

This first undertaking is only a cutscene wherein you meet Big Smoke for the primary time; there`s not anything required.

2. Sweet & Kendl

CJ, Big Smoke, and Ryder reunite with Sweet & Kendl withinside the cemetery. But, earlier than getting out of there, a few Ballas begin to open hearthplace on you, so that you must get out of there with a few Bikes.

3. Ryder Gta san andreas side mission rewards

Ryder, your long-lifestyles friend, takes you for a stroll thru the neighborhood, displaying what he ignored whilst he changed into in Liberty City.

5. Cleaning The Hood

Sweet asks Ryder and also you to get a few drug sellers from your area as they promote close to Grove Street. This undertaking may be very straightforward, and right here you`ll discover ways to combat.

6. Drive-Thru Gta san andreas side mission rewards

On this legendary undertaking (way to Big Smoke`s insatiable appetite), you and your gang are going to consume in a Cluckin` Bell whilst a Ballas gang attempts to do a Drive-By to you, failing withinside the attempt. So, as revenge, the Ballas are going to Grove Street to try and kill your homies. You must forestall them earlier than they get to your hood.

7. Nines and AK`s

Because of the Drive-By, Big Smoke and you make a decision to get higher guns for them and their homies to shield themselves in opposition to the Ballas. In this undertaking, you`ll discover ways to use guns properly.

8. Drive-By Gta san andreas side mission rewards

After the Cluckin` Bell Drive-By attempt, the Grove Street households get a few revenge and begin chasing a few Ballas to get them down.

9. Sweet`s Girl

Sweet and his female were given trapped in Seville Boulevard, wherein a collection of Families began out attacking CJ`s brother for being there. In this undertaking, we are able to recognize how damaged the Families are. After getting Sweet and his female, you need to take them lower back to the Grove.

Tips: This undertaking in all fairness difficult, so it`s higher in case you get together along with your vehicle and hit upon your goals as an alternative of having out of the vehicle. Use what you discovered on Emmet`s and bypass on there earlier than attending to wherein Sweet is due to the fact you`ll want a few more ammo.
Rewards: + Respect.

10. Cesar Vialpando

Another well-known undertaking. In this time, you`ll get to realize Cesar Vialpando, Kendl`s boyfriend and a member of the Varrios Los Aztecas gang, and one in all CJ`s exceptional allies at the recreation. First, you`ll must get a Lowrider, then visit a mod storage to music it, after which visit the assembly and win a Lowrider challenge.

11. Home Invasion

Now, let`s go together with Ryder`s missions, which can be difficult too. On the primary one, you need to rob a Colonel`s residence to get a few provisions to the Grove Families.

12. Catalyst Gta san andreas side mission rewards

C.R.A.S.H set a lure for you and the Grove Families with the aid of using telling Ryder and also you that there`s a educate with a few ammo that did an sudden forestall close to Grove Street. The undertaking for you is is to move and scouse borrow the crates whilst preventing in opposition to each Vagos and Ballas. Then, you`ll must fill Ryder`s vehicle with a few ammo crates from the educate.

13. Robbing Uncle Sam

This is Ryder`s toughest undertaking. Here, you need to sneak onto National Guard`s Base to scouse borrow ammo for the Families. First, you`ll get to a van whendidreleasedate after which head to Ocean Docks, get into the facility, open the door and begin robbing crates. Then you`ll must run Gta san andreas side mission rewards