Genshin fish pond teapot

Genshin fish pond teapot

Genshin fish pond teapot Along with replace 2.1, Genshin Impact introduced now no longer best fishing (we already wrote approximately the way it works), however additionally the capacity to reproduce decorative fish withinside the Teapot of Serenity. We will give an explanation for how this mechanic works on this guide.

Where to get a fish pond (Sapphire Grace Lake)

A drawing of a reservoir into which ornamental fish may be launched may be received from the consultant of the Teytvat Fishermen`s Association. Your course results in Jia Wei. It may be determined in Li Yue Harbor Port.

The “Lake of Sapphire Grace” blueprint will price you 10 oryzias .

Locations wherein those fish are determined may be determined in each place of Teytvat, despite the fact that maximum of them are in Mondsstadt (see screenshots below).

To craft the Lake of Sapphire Grace withinside the Kettle, you’ll want:

Once you are making your pond, you simply want to set it up withinside the Teapot of Serenity. It can be important to set apart a separate location of ​​the monastery for it: this item “weighs” a lot that different massive homes or units of decorations won’t fit.

Where to get ornamental fish for the pond

All fish in the sport are divided into types: everyday and ornamental. The first can both be exchanged for gadgets in fishing shops, or processed into fish fillets for cooking, however the 2nd is best wished for beauty. Ornamental fish may be saved as pets in Sapphire Grace Lake.

Each of the fish species found in the sport has a ornamental version, however those ornamental fish spawn randomly , so that you need to depend on luck. You can recognize that there may be an decorative fish in a lake or river even earlier than you begin fishing. When you stand withinside the distance, the fishing spot is indicated via way of means of more potent than normal ripples at the floor of the reservoir and a column of bluish mild above the fishing spot.

As quickly as you get closer, you’ll see one or greater fish leaping out of the water. It is those leaping fish which are ornamental. If you seize them, they’ll now no longer visit your general inventory, however to the teapot decorations section.

How to reproduce fish

Alas, it’s miles not possible to reproduce fish (that is, to position it in a reservoir, after which seize it as prey). One can best admire: The Sapphire Grace Lake is, in fact, a ornamental aquarium.

To launch the fish into the pond, circulate to the Teapot of Serenity, climb onto the platform whendidreleasedate via way of means of the Sapphire Grace Lake and press the movement button to open the corresponding menu. Genshin fish pond teapot