Conditional formatting in word

Conditional formatting in word

Conditional formatting in word

Conditional formatting in word Just as we are able to observe conditional formatting to cells in a worksheet , conditional formatting also can be beneficial in a Word record. In this sense, in case you need to know the way to observe conditional layout in Word record, we advocate which you examine this exciting article.

What is conditional formatting?

Conditional formatting is a extensively used device in Microsoft Excel for become aware of styles in spreadsheets . These fashions are installed with the aid of using the consumer and are primarily based totally on a fixed of situations to provide outcomes with positive attributes withinside the cells.

How does conditional formatting work?

Conditional formatting works via a sequence of guidelines that permit a mobileular or a collection of cells to have a positive layout handiest if a selected circumstance is met.For this device to be functional, it’s far crucial to introduce values ​​so one can logically manipulate the situations and to apply specific patterns to outline the layout if the decided circumstance is met.

How to use conditional formatting in Word record

Conditional formatting is relevant to a Word record. However, in view that this device is commonly utilized in Excel, a few stratégies are important for green phrase processing outcomes . Here is all of the records you want to use conditional formatting in Word record.

Configure the “Correspondence” device

Direct mail may be of excellent assist in case you want to feature conditional formatting to your Word record. Using this device, you may consist of a listing of objects and create placeholder discipline to merge the records. With the aggregate fields you may upload the situations.

Click at the tab “Correspondence”. In “Start the mail merge”,

pick the choice “Step with the aid of using step withinside the mail merge wizard” so one can create a listing of “contacts” so one can in truth be the factors that you may manipulate withinside the circumstance.

Use the mapping device to use conditional formatting to your Word record

Once you`ve installation direct mail, discover the “Enter and insert fields” phase and click on “Rules”. The, pick out choice “Yes … later … then” . Using this rule, you may specify an motion to get hold of the records in a single area and carry out a distinctive motion for another.

For example, you may ship the record handiest to a collection of humans of a positive age the use of “IF”. To accomplish this task, pick out “Field Name” and pick a merge discipline, which in this situation is “age”. Choose the recipients the use of “Compare” and the operator you want for the circumstance.

Compare to get conditional formatting in Word

Then, in “Compare with”, write the cost you may use for the comparison , for example “21” years old. Add the records you need to show while the circumstance is met subsequent to “Insert this textual content”.

Find the choice “Otherwise insert this textual content” and write the textual content you need to show while the circumstance isn’t met.

Use the markers

In addition, it’s far feasible to use conditional formatting in Word the use of bookmarks . To do this, write the numeric values ​​which you need to consist of withinside the circumstance and relying on their cost upload a few textual content or another. Each textual content need to have a specific layout, whether or not bold, font color, font type, amongst others.

Create bookmarks

In the “Hyperlinks” phase, click on “Bookmark”. Write the call of it and press the “Add” button. Repeat the procedure till you get the quantity of markers similar to the numeric values ​​which you need to insert into the circumstance.

Right click on on every cost and pick “Hyperlink”. In “Place on this record”, pick out a bookmark. Repeat this procedure for every numeric cost. Remember that in case you need to make any changes, you need to discover the links you created to your Word record .

Add discipline

To upload the IF discipline, visit the “Text” phase and pick out “Quick Items”. Choose “Field” and seek for “If”. Press the “Formula” button and write the circumstance with the aid of using including the markers .

Finally, press the “Accept” button. If you decide on a distinctive choice from the preceding whendidrelease one, you may insert supply code into Word record . Therefore, you may get an similarly powerful result. Conditional formatting in word

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