Best free VPNs for Android | Top free VPNs & their Benefits

Best free VPNs

Best free VPNs for Android | Top free VPNs & their Benefits

 VPN “Virtual Private Network” is the opportunity to build protected network connections. It is used against hackers on the public network. VPN hides your IP address or personal data on any network and Wi-Fi. Michael Gargiule is founder of VPN. In 1996, a Microsoft employee who developed the PPTP first used VPN technology. It creates a secure connection between a user and the internet. Its specification was published in 1999. VPNs are associated with the use of business in the 2000s. The VPN is 24 years old. Best free VPNs for Android

Benefits of VPN:

 A VPN protects your data from external access. Hackers and criminals can’t decipher your data.

  1. • Secure encryption
  2. • Disguising your whereabouts
  3. • Secure data transfer

Advantages for both home and professional use:

  1.  • Provide safety
  2.  • Secure public Wi-Fi connections
  3.  • Save money on region-based eCommerce
  4. • VPN block software’s
  5. • Online banking security
  6. • online shopping security
  7. • Unlock social media

Top 10 lists of VPNs for Android:


Hideman is an application of VPN for Android. It allows you to hide your IP address and unblock websites. By tapping one button, you connect to VPN.


  1.  • Protect your internet data
  2. • Use any site
  3. • Encrypt internet data.
  4. • It’s available in more than 20 countries

Turbo VPN: 

Turbo VPN allows you to watch videos securely you are while traveling. It’s the best and free VPN app for Android; you can unlock your websites and games anytime.


  1.  • Helps you to protect your Wi-Fi and network.
  2.  • You can easily brow the internet
  3. • Work with LTE, 3g, and Wi-Fi
  4. • Connect to the VPN proxy with one tap
  5. Private Tunnel:

 Private Tunnel is specially designed for Android mobile. It’s the best VPN app that connects Wi-Fi to a public network. Small businesses set up a private network.


  1. • Connect with a VPN and use the network privately
  2. • Unlimited data
  3.  • 24/7 email support.
  4. • Hide your IP address
  5. • Protect connection against hackers
  6. SurfEasy:

 SurfEasy is one of the top VPNs for Android; it accesses your website anytime. Its tool protects your Wi-Fi. It also protects your online transactions on smartphones


  1.  • It offers live customer support
  2.  • Provide fast network
  3. • Browse the anonymous website
  4. • It allows you to access the blocked websites
  5. OpenVPN:

 Open VPN is an open-source internet that uses a public internet to create a secure network. It handles client-server communication without any hassle. It’s the best VPN app for Android. It uses TSL/SSL encryption for security.


  1. • This reduces security risk
  2.  • Enables you to manage the threats.
  3. • Increase the speed of the mobile.


TorGuard VPN is best for Android and security. It offers fast and secure internet service. Does not store any log activity file


  1. • Provide 24/7 customer services
  2. • Not log on to any activity
  3.  • This app protects you from hackers
  4. • Unlimited bandwidth

Hotspot Shield VPN:

 Hotspot Shield VPN is best for Android. More than 3200 VPN servers are in 80+ countries. It helps you with your internet traffic.


  1. • You can be connected to 5 devices
  2. • Provide 24/7 tech support
  3. • Does not record VPN browsing activity
  4. • Maintain your privacy


VyperVPN is very fast and the best for Android. It offers a secure internet connection. It offers a highly secure VPN server.

Best free VPNs

Best free VPNs


  1. • Protect public Wi-Fi
  2.  • Very easy to download
  3. • Offer to customize VPN

Private VPN: 

A private VPN enables you to access any site. It helps you to transmit data. It can support both IPsec and IKEv2.


  1. • Connect to a public Wi-Fi
  2. • Protect internet communication channels
  3. • Provide unlimited bandwidth and speed
  4.  • More than 60 countries

10- Surfshark:

 It provides fast and secure access to web content, makes your locations private, and secures your private data. Surfshark is one of the best VPNs for the window. It allows you to share your IP address with others on the same server. •


  1. • Allows P2P connection
  2. • Free VPN for PC
  3. • Helps you to protect your hiding IP address.

• Key statistics:

  1.  • 3200 total number of servers
  2. • Unlimited data allowance
  3. • Statics IP address
  4. • Automation and Manual server selection
  5. • 65 countries
  6. • Supported: Mac, IOS, Linux, and Android. Start your

 Final words:

 In this article, I have discussed free Android VPNs and their features.