19th ward blog

19th ward blog


19th ward blog Three years ago, once I first walked throughout the River Campus (I know, I`m old). One of the primary matters I heard approximately the metropolis of Rochester become, “Don`t cross into the nineteenth Ward!” Which become some thing I took as quite severe.

Especially in view that I heard it at the cusp of orientation week, in which the whole lot approximately the University, social life, and the applications it needed to provide sounded incredible. Even downtown Rochester sounded incredible. Just don`t go the bridge.

With the ones warnings from older college students and my first-yr friends,

I become very anxious to enter the ward bordering the University. Though as orientation dwindled into fall, then spring semester, that worry grew into extra of an expertise that scholars have to keep away from that area. Which I did, together with maximum of my first-yr friends.

As we often discovered ourselves strolling round to special eating halls and quads at some stage in the day, and giggling till the early hours of the morning withinside the library (yes, human beings surely grasp out withinside the libraries here).

Then spring changed into summer time season, which changed into my sophomore yr. I lived in Douglass Leadership House on the time (the Black and POC fraternity on campus) and I become surely seeking to immerse myself withinside the humanities software with my majors in African

African American research and Gender research.

Two fields of have a look at that have been the motive why I got here to Rochester withinside the first place. As the metropolis of Rochester is extraordinarily traditionally massive for being a famous stomping floor for abolitionists, Women`s rights activists, and profound social actions

in widespread going past the thirteenth and nineteenth amendments. Truly cementing this metropolis as a massive factor for activist activity. All of which, I become interested by. Though, it become simplest once I lived withinside the Douglass Leadership

House that I identified the activist legacy of Rochester isn’t simplest discovered withinside the books from Rush Rhees Library. Rather, it lived on withinside the human beings of the metropolis, and people who have been actively operating to keep the imaginative and prescient of leaders earlier than them.

In this time I become supplied an internship operating with a nearby network organization named “Teen Empowerment.” This organization participates and helps a myriad of applications designed to useful resource the connection among youngsters and elders withinside the Rochester network

assist foster a speak approximately the outstanding records of Black Rochester progressing into the Rochester of the contemporary day. My paintings on this organization become ordinarily in transcribing the records of Black

With assist from a Rochester professor, Molly Ball, who helped recommend the project.

While that paintings become ordinarily remote (yes, it took place at some stage in the pandemic), because the software progressed, and COVID become turning into extra manageable, I become capable of subsequently meet with the interviewees I transcribed for in person.

Though, the conferences have been surely withinside the metropolis of Rochester. Some withinside the nineteenth Ward even. And I needed to depart my library zoom conferences behind, and in fact assignment into the metropolis that I become warned approximately.

But, as soon as I surely were given out of the Uber to our assembly spots, the shadows of worry dwindled while the solar met me as I closed the door. The grass become green, the homes have been beautiful, and anyone become smiling and happy.

Then, the ones fears clearly have become a far off memory. We have been advised testimonies of the peach tree that fed the community withinside the early , and the tall church in which numerous individuals of the organization have been married,

christened, and attended services. One of the older individuals observed that I become the usage of a journey provider to get to and from conferences. And supplied to provide me and my scholar coworker a journey again to campus. But, now no longer with out a pushed excursion of the nineteenth Ward and the network that helps our school.

After that trip, I felt quite upset. Upset of the reports I disadvantaged myself of absolutely due to the fears of a Black community and a ordinarily Black metropolis that my friends instilled in me and I knew I had to do it in a different way withinside the fall.

But if I have been to speak approximately each desirable element approximately the nineteenth Ward, this weblog might develop into a book, and we don`t have time for that. It`s additionally high-quality to locate those treasures for yourself.

Though, in case you are a potential Rochester scholar or an energetic scholar and feature now no longer journeyed into the nineteenth whendidrelease Ward, go the bridge subsequent to campus in case you do now no longer have a car, and cross into the metropolis. 19th ward blog